Social Media Specialist

Who we are

Maestro is a creative learning agency. Our purpose is to do good in the world by inspiring positive change through better learning experiences driven by creative strategy, design and technology. Maestro creates learning that empowers and inspires. We hire talented humans who are aligned with our purpose and truly care about the needs of our clients and everyone around them.

Who you are

You might have a degree in Communications or Marketing, but whatever your background is there’s no doubt you believe social media is a valuable business tool when used strategically. You take the time to stay on top of platform specific trends and  best practices so the content created is a perfect platform fit. When it comes to your work, you’re thoughtful, consistent, organized, and always open to feedback. You’re the first to get your hands dirty and make things happen, but you also know it’s important to collaborate with your teammates to make great ideas come to life. The idea of proactively building a community from the ground up with intentional content and meaningful interaction gets you fired up!

What you’ll be doing on the Marketing team

  • Responsible for all social media efforts as part of our overall community strategy
  • Work with the Director of Content + Community to activate and refine our existing platform specific strategies to activate against our team and company goals
  • Work closely with our Marketing, Design, and Media Team to create and publish content that strategically represents the Maestro brand on all social media platforms
  • Create and manage our social media content calendar
  • Break down large pieces of developed content (downloads, blogs, webinars, etc.) into meaningful and platform appropriate social media content
  • Create templated and custom content for our social media platforms in Canva and in collaboration with our design team, respectively
  • Collaborate with our Senior Copywriter on social media copy and captions whenever necessary, especially on special projects or campaigns
  • Spend intentional time targeting and interacting with strategic accounts (people + brands) across social platforms to build connections, build trust, and grow our community
  • Proactively develop your knowledge and understanding of Maestro’s point of view, the learning industry, and our target audience
  • Work with the Director of Content + Community and the entire Marketing Team to build a two-way community platform from the ground up
  • Develop other ways to make an impact on social media and run after it!
  • Experiment, gather data, evaluate, and experiment again

Talents we’re looking for

  • A genuine LOVE for social media and content creation
  • Confidence and ability to take an idea and figure out the best way to execute, instead of being told how to execute
  • Platform specific knowledge including but not limited to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Energy to own the brand’s activity—you’re not afraid to put yourself on social media as much as you’re behind it!
  • Ability to approach social media strategically
  • Lively writing skills that can set context + showcase personality in fewer, easier-to-read characters than an essay—while maintaining proper-ish grammar
  • Organized with a desire to plan ahead whenever possible
  • Great communicator with the ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment
  • Identifies as a self-motivated, go-getter, do-the-extra-mile type of person
  • Confidence to contribute and take risks to keep the team on top of current trends
  • Bonus if you have a personal or professional developed social media presence to show off!

The perks

  • Base salary. We take your experience and talent level into great consideration
  • Compensation package that includes medical, dental, life insurance and an optional 401k
  • Work/Life Balance: Maestro takes pride in the incredible work ethic of our employees. Instead of a traditional vacation and/or sick leave policy, you have the freedom to take as much leave as you need. Time off is yours to enjoy when you like so long as you follow a few courtesies to ensure we are all playing by the same rules and looking out for each other
  • Remote First: Maestro recognizes that great talent and great work comes from any geography. Though there may be times and projects that require being in our headquarters, our team is free to work remotely. We ensure you have the tools and resources to do your best work, wherever that might be from.

We believe that creating an inclusive workplace helps us create better work

Maestro is committed to making diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging a part of everything we do – from our employee experience to how we engage with our clients, users, and our community. Regardless of gender, gender identity, race, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, age, or marital status, we firmly believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be their most authentic self.

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