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Supercharge your Rise courses

Mighty gives you the creative control and flexibility you always dreamed of, while maintaining the ease of use you love in Rise through an easy-to-use Chrome extension.

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Ready to push your courses to a new level?

We created Mighty because we believe more is possible - more creative freedom, customization and impact, all within the Articulate Rise platform you already use and love.

Mighty provides you with intuitive, no-code tools that empower you to enhance your Articulate Rise courses with ease.

Extended Font Control

Customize typography with new tools and expanded options including larger font sizes, line height, and letter spacing options.

Custom transitions

Use the Mighty Transition block to create unique, beautiful block transitions directly in your Rise course—no hack needed!

Reflection block

Reflection isn't just for Storyline anymore! Easily add a reflection block to your Rise course, complete with hint text and PDF download.

Quick color picker and so much more

Say goodbye to cumbersome HEX code lists. Use the Mighty color picker to select any color inside or outside of your Rise window!

Try it now, buy later

Sign up for the free trial (no credit card required), install the Google Chrome extension, jump into Rise and start creating. Love it? Upgrade your plan after the trial to continue the Mighty magic



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We're here to talk if you have questions

You might(y) have questions.

We’ve answered the most common ones here

Do my learners need the extension to view the course?

No. Only course authors need the extension to create the course. Once a course is published in Rise using Mighty, you set it and forget it, like Ron Popeil.

What is Mighty's approach to privacy?

Mighty is trusted and used by Fortune 500 companies because we take your privacy seriously. You can dig into all of the data privacy and confidentiality nitty gritty in our terms of use and privacy policy. If you have specific questions or would like our team to talk with your team directly, we're happy to help! Please email us at

How do you handle using Mighty with clients?

We also design and develop custom solutions, like Rise courses for our clients, using Mighty! We have given the option to our clients that they can either come back to us to make updates for them (which certainly works for some clients) or they can subscribe to Mighty in order to make edits themselves and create their own courses using the extension. So far, our clients have been super happy with both solutions! If you're using Mighty on client courses and they have any questions about Mighty that you're unable to answer, reach out to us at We're happy to help!

What should I expect after my trial/subscription period ends?

Once your trial or subscription ends, Mighty functionality goes into a read-only mode. This means that you will be able to see the Mighty functionality but cannot update or publish until you decide what to do next. If you choose to purchase a paid plan, then all your functionality that you have loved will be restored! If you choose to no longer use Mighty, then just uninstall the Mighty Chrome extension and remove any Mighty blocks that you have added to your course. Worth noting that any course that you have published during your Mighty Trial or your active subscription period will continue to work without the need to purchase a subscription.

Do you need my credit card for the free trial?

Nope! Simply sign up and start discovering all the features Mighty offers. Once you fall in love, you can choose which plan works best for you.

Will my Rise 360 courses still work in my LMS?

Yes, all Rise courses created with Mighty are fully SCORM compliant and use your default Rise publishing settings—you won't experience any interruptions!

Do you have an extension for other browsers?

Mighty is currently only available in Google Chrome, but we're working on supporting Edge and Safari in the future.

Do you offer team pricing?

Yes! Many Mighty customers work on or lead a team of creators who are responsible for creating great learning experiences and we’d love for your entire team to experience the power of Mighty. We offer a Team plan that allows you to group your billing—plus, save an additional 15 percent with a team of 5+ creators. Check out our detailed pricing page to calculate your team pricing now.

Can I switch from an Individual plan to a Team plan?

Yes, we’d love to help you add creators to your plan and consolidate billing. Reach out to our Support team ( for a quick transition from your current Individual plan to your desired Team plan.

How many courses can I publish with Mighty?

Sky's the limit! On Mighty’s paid plan, you can publish unlimited Rise courses that feature your favorite Mighty blocks, mods, and power ups.

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