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What Amazon’s Fire Phone Fail Can Teach Us about Learner Research

Looking for a fresh perspective to inspire your approach to learning? Sometimes that means taking a look at the successes and failures of other industries and applying the lessons to L&D. The Amazon Fire Phone (if you blinked, you might’ve missed it!) hit the markets in 2014. Amazon intended it…


4 Key Principles to Inspire Change through Learning

Register to access this webinar on-demand! L&D is increasingly important to the future of work—is your team prepared to inspire change through learning? Now’s the time to set a strong strategic foundation for your team’s learning efforts. Learning is one of the most powerful tools to inspire and enable change,…

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Critical Criteria for Choosing Great Learning Partners

The right learning partners can unlock your organization’s potential. But the truth is, starting a new relationship with a vendor can be overwhelming—there’s a lot at stake when you bring in a new learning partner. When done right, a new learning partnership can result in real impact and a lasting…

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The secret to memory retention in learners

Picture this: You’re designing a learning experience but the subject matter is dull, tedious, or otherwise considered boring by learners. What do you do?

A common strategy is to try and liven things up with a funny story or interesting fact. These tangential attempts to capture students’ interest and help them pay attention are what researchers call “seductive details”—and they can often get in the way of learning. But learning expert Andrew Watson explores a recent study that finds that combining seductive details with the right-sized retrieval practice is the key to improving memory retention in learners.

Although seductive details can help liven up dry subject matter, they can also distract from what you really want learners to know—so what’s the right combination to unlock the retention you’re after?

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Why Malcolm Knowles’s Five Assumptions of Learners Matter

At Maestro, we’ve spent countless hours thinking about learning and what creates meaningful, memorable learning experiences. From this we’ve developed our four Learning Principles, each influenced by theories, studies, and concepts found throughout learning history and in the industry today. Meet Malcolm Knowles, an educator who was passionate about adult learners and what makes them unique. Let’s get to know Knowles along with his five assumptions of adult learners, and how to implement them into your next course strategy. Who…

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7 Learning Partner Red Flags to Never Ignore

How’s your relationship with your partner in learning? Learning companies are often viewed as transactional vendors or production houses for L&D and HR groups. Right away, that mindset lowers the bar for what you should expect from your partners in learning. But in the current landscape, a quality learning partner has never been more important. L&D teams are being asked to do more with less—they’re tasked with helping close the skills gap, retain top talent, and support growth tracks. Now’s…

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