Storyboarding for Instructional Designers: Proven Ways to Maximize Impact


The Blended Learning Playbook: Designing Experiences That Create Change

If you’re like most learning leaders, blended learning has become increasingly important to your learning strategy. And for good reason—now more than ever, L&D needs new and innovative ways to reach a distributed workforce and help them grow. Blended learning can be a very effective strategy, but it’s not as…


Design with Us: Using Mighty in Articulate Rise

Are you a learning designer who wants to do more in Articulate Rise? Do you lead a team of innovative learning creators eager to explore new tools? Do you want to push your course design further? If you’re a learning professional who creates courses in Articulate Rise, or you lead…


Video Production Guide: How to Make the Most of Your L&D Video Budget

Media is a powerful way to bring learning to life. A compelling scene, a well-told story, or immersive animation can transform a learning experience, capture the hearts and minds of your audience, and help make learning stick. Media is an essential tool for L&D teams to leverage, and often, it’s…

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It’s time to face the three challenges of learning

What are the most-pressing learning challenges facing organizations today? Lynda Gratton, a professor of management practice at London Business School, ran a workshop with executives from over 40 companies to explore the pressures facing traditional learning models. Gratton identified the following three challenges as the most acute: increased workloads have reduced learning time, hybrid work has increased the complexity of learning, and a tightening labor market has brought skill shortages.

These challenges are tied in part to the emergence of new work models, and many learning leaders worry that remote employees are missing out on informal learning opportunities and that remote work may be negatively impacting how people share knowledge with one another. “Addressing this challenge will require leaders to build a robust learning strategy in a hybrid business environment,” says Gratton.

But even the most robust learning strategy will fail if it doesn’t account for the realities of work life today, namely employees’ increased workloads.

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Free Course: Sleep, Rest, & Renewal

There’s a lot of information out there about sleep—and some of it is, well, a snooze-fest. Our free Sleep, Rest, & Renewal course teaches you everything you need to know, in a way that won’t put you to sleep—until you want it to, that is. Our Sleep, Rest, & Renewal course is the answer, and it’s all here—help your team get the rest they need to perform better at work and beyond. What you’ll get 15-minute responsive Articulate Rise course…


Design with Us: An L&D Workshop in Articulate Rise

Do you want to push your course design further? If you’re a learning designer, or a learning professional who wears many hats, including designing eLearning for your organization, this on-demand workshop is for you. Watch as two of Maestro’s interactive designers, Amy and Kendra, bring an eLearning course to life in real-time, transforming canned, cookie-cutter design elements into an elevated, on-brand, visually beautiful learning experience. What you’ll learn: The principles of strategic design and how good design is about much…

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