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An onboarding program for a global audience

A talent-development curriculum that increased learner performance and drove impressive business results


  • Cross-functional onboarding program
  • 250+ eLearning courses
  • Simulation app
  • On-the-job assessments


  • Program strategy
  • Audience research & discovery
  • Measurement framework
  • Content-deployment strategy


  • UX/UI
  • Art direction & brand extension
  • Illustration
  • Instructional design


  • Video production
  • 2D animation
  • Photography


  • Web development
  • Mobile-app development
  • Custom analytics

Getting to know the learner was our first priority

With an audience who comes from all over the globe, understanding our learners posed a challenge. Though learners all had some level of understanding of English, they were coming with a variety of different cultural contexts and reading abilities. While a strawberry might be a common fruit in the United States, someone living across the world might never have seen a strawberry. And because of different learning environments, some individuals might be better at reading English than speaking English and vice versa.

This global audience brought unique challenges. So, we put extra care into course development details and equipped the learners with a combination of voiceover, on-screen text, and photo-centric explanations, to reach the learner exactly where they are.

Strategic planning for course development

This project has a massive scope: 300+ courses for 15,000 learners across 14 roles and counting. With such a large initiative and so many separate workstreams, we knew early on that we’d need a dedicated team. Maestro assembled a group of writers, designers, and project managers whose sole focus was creating beautiful content for Royal Caribbean while gaining expertise and improving processes that helped scale the initiative.

To achieve a business impact as quickly as possible, Maestro prioritized roles by learner volume.

Project timeline and distribution of roles for the 14,740 total crew set to complete the training by end of 2019


Training for 20+ roles


Over 24,000 people will take these new courses


250+ courses


Four-year initiative

Training powered by modern design

The courses are primarily designed in Articulate Rise, software our team has learned to stretch to the limits in the name of a great experience. And not only do the courses look good—they work great, too, no matter where the learner is or what device they’re using.

An award-winning experience

Royal Caribbean is committed to building an amazing experience for their employees because the better the employee’s experience the better the customer’s experience. This commitment has led us to create out-of-the-box learning opportunities that go above and beyond the original scope, like bartender training that features custom illustrations and animations that bring the “wow” to the learning experience.

This Brandon Hall Gold Award–winning simulation offers a more entertaining and effective learning experience, all while saving Royal Caribbean company resources. Practicing mixing drinks can be costly, but providing adequate training to bartenders is incredibly important, as incorrectly mixing drinks diminishes taste and may pose health risks. Our simulation not only helps Royal Caribbean’s bartenders master mixing cocktails, in a risk-free environment, but also boosts learner engagement and retention through its inventive, gamified approach to bartender training.

Stills from the drink-mixing simulation, showing a practice activity selecting the technique for a specific cocktail and an assessment results page
Brandon Hall Group 2019 Gold Medal for Excellence in Technology


Average increase in performance scores from pre- to post-training test


Increase in crew confidence and preparation after taking the courses


Average learners who successfully complete onboarding, which far exceeds the goal of 80%


Increase in guest-service scores, which crushed the already aggressive goal of 0.6%

Still from the drink-mixing simulation showing the recipe for a Caribbean Cooler cocktail

This is what partnership looks like

We’re proud of our partnership with Royal Caribbean. It’s a true testament to the success that can come from integrating our team with our client’s team, building solid trust, sharing goals, and the never-ending desire to keep pushing further.

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