How to Boost Your Video’s ROI in 8 Different Ways

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Everyone has it. That perfect shirt you wish you’d bought in every color and then a few extras. If you’d known how awesome it would be, you might have bought out the entire store. After all, you can wear the shirt with just about anything—jeans, tucked into a skirt, layered with your favorite jacket—it’s one of the best purchases you’ve ever made. 

How does this apply to video? A strategic, well-developed video is just like your favorite shirt.

Let’s say for example, that your business (a medical device company) has just made an impressive motion graphics video with 3D animation to introduce a new product. After you share it at your national sales meeting (NSM), that video’s lifespan is just beginning. You have plans to use that same video to show off important features to potential clients, support sales as a reinforcement tool, and even build it into your eLearning course. 

When developed with multi-use in mind, you can generate large amounts of ROI from a single video. Let’s take a look at how this works with a single hype video.

1. Pump up your clients about something new

When you want to get your clients excited about an upcoming product or service, you can create a video that focuses on generating emotions and announcing the news. While the focus of the video is to excite your clients, you can also use it to show how your product or service meets their needs. But keep it short. Hype videos are all about inspiring emotion, and making the video too long can cause potential clients to lose interest.

Take a look at Apple’s hype video for Apple TV

2. Hype your reps at NSM

Your video isn’t only for your clients. Share your video internally at NSM to get your reps revved and ready for the sale. You can use the same client-facing hype video or even make small edits to speak directly to your reps for an added personal touch.

3. Educate your reps about important features

It can be hard for reps to remember the ins-and-outs of a new product or service, especially when they sell multiple products every day. Video is a great way to share key information and talking points about products that reps can highlight when talking to prospective clients. And make sure to add in a high-level look at some of the key features. This quick overview of the key features and benefits lets you use the video for both emotional hype and helpful information.

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4. Teach clients about the functionality

Keep your video at your reps’ fingertips using an easy-to-access video or resource management (such as Youtube, Venmo, or Loop), so they can share it with their prospects and send it to clients after meetings. Telling someone about a new product or service is great, but nothing beats showing them exactly how the product and service can benefit them and their business.

5. Add the video to your website as extra marketing collateral

Video is one of the most powerful ways to get people’s attention. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add multimedia to your website experience. Even if the video was made specifically for sales reps, you can still showcase the video on your website or at least part of it. Use your website as a platform to get both clients and reps excited about all the new ways the new product or service can make a difference. 

6. Work the video into an eLearning course

If you’ve got an amazing video, whether live action, 3D, or motion graphic, there are ways to work it into your eLearning courses. For example, if you’re training your sales reps about a new product, you can include the video into the introduction of the course to get your learners excited about getting started. 

7. Reuse the video for continuous learning

Have an annual sales meeting or refresher course your team takes each year? Use the video. It’s a great way to highlight key points or share any modifications that have been done to the product or service. You can also boost your reps knowledge by keeping the video on an easy to access CMS so they can access and watch the video right before they make sales calls. This puts the key points back into easy recall and helps reps feel confident about their product knowledge.

8. Reuse animation sequences for different audiences

If you’ve invested in filming or animation, there’s no need to only use it in one video or on the same audience. Consider using certain shots or animation in another video, say for a tradeshow or an email campaign. And If you’ve invested in 3D animation, you can use the files just about anywhere. You could even create an augmented reality app and let your reps and clients experience a new product in real time.

That’s a wrap

Every video brings multiple opportunities for many different areas of your business, from learning to sales reinforcement, to showing clients the value of your product or service. It takes a good media team on your side and some great strategists to create a multi-functional video, but it’s worth it.

The best part? Much like your favorite shirt, a well-crafted video is an easy sell once you see the value. And the ROI just keeps on coming.

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