Gamify Employee Career Growth Using WordPress


CSL delivers innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines that save lives, as well as enable people with life-threatening medical conditions to live full lives. Driven to make a meaningful difference for hundreds of thousands of patients and stakeholders around the world, this dynamic company strives to continually motivate its workforce to think outside the box. 

To inspire these brilliant minds to expand their skill set and grow their careers, Maestro designed a thoughtful eLearning solution with a unique gamified approach outside of the authoring tool. 

A whole new game for inspiring career growth

The intention of the learning experience was to encourage employees to explore options for their long term career path at CSL, based on their perceived strengths, skill sets, and goals. And while games are typically whimsical and entertaining by nature, they’re also often more complex to build than most players might realize. Our rules, if you will, for building an interactive career pathways game for CSL were:

  • Design an engaging and fun solution for a global, virtual audience (27,000 employees spanning across the globe)
  • Motivate new hires and more seasoned team members to visualize their future with CSL
  • Connect the overall messaging/approach to corporate strategy initiatives
  • Create a personalized learning journey that functioned and lived well on multiple devices 
  • Ensure a one player, asynchronous environment 
  • Collect key user data 
  • Limit play time to 10-15 minutes 
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Winning with WordPress 

The first step was to identify the best platform to support our project needs. Considering the scope and expedited project timeline, we determined WordPress was an optimal content management system for this custom gaming experience. Along with its cost effectiveness, especially when compared to Articulate Storyline or custom software, WordPress also offered design, implementation, and device flexibility, and allowed for the collection of key analytics. 

How we did it    

At the beginning of the project, we mapped the pathways and decisions a player could make as they traveled through their career lifecycle. This required really thorough exploration of roles and close collaboration with the CSL team.

Here’s a peek at what mapping the options looked like

A simplified look at the CSL logic tree paths we needed to map before jumping in.

Once we nailed down the paths and events along their journey, we designed characters, events, and player interactions. The final result is an inviting visual style, an experience that is intuitive on multiple devices, and interaction that’s inspiring and casts a positive vision for employee growth. 

Maestro developed it all outside of an authoring tool… on a platform most people think is only for blogging or websites. We like to think of it as a learning game changer. 

Two smartphones displaying the CSL course "Choose Your Own Promising FUTURES Adventure"

Key takeaways

Want to go beyond your (authoring tool) comfort zone? Here are some questions to consider before you start: 

  1. Does the authoring tool put too many constraints on your vision? 
  2. Do you want your final product to tell a story or be narrative driven?
  3. Do you want your learning to function like a dream on multiple devices?
  4. Have you thoroughly mapped out your process (going outside of an authoring tool can be an ideal solution for complex process training or learning with multiple variables)?
  5. Do you have a development partner who’s not only an expert in the learning field, but also skilled in creative/interactive design?


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