5 Benefits to Replacing ILT with eLearning

Let’s be clear: we have nothing against instructor-led training. In fact, there are many situations in which ILT is the better choice for particular learning outcomes. In many cases, ILT is the default choice for companies, when in reality, eLearning may be a better choice for engagement and learning outcomes. Here are five reasons you should convert your ILT to eLearning today.

1. eLearning offers scalability and flexibility

As companies grow in size and expand geographically, the cost of real-time training, whether digital or in-person, could increase exponentially. Scaling instructor-led training as you grow could require hiring additional instructors, or in the case of digital ILT, coordinating across timezones to ensure webinar attendance.

When you convert ILT to eLearning, there’s a sense of instant flexibility that enables companies to train one person just as effectively as one hundred. Still looking for the engagement factor of ILT? Try implementing pre-recorded webinars and include opportunities for employee discussion throughout eLearning courses.

2. eLearning follows a learner-centered approach

With instructor-led training, learners have little control over the pace of a course. Everyone, regardless of experience level, will participate for a given amount of time in ILT Training. An added benefit of eLearning is that, dependent on the technology, each participant has the ability to control how long they spend on different concepts, activities, and modules. This follows a user-centered approach to learning. and when delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP), companies can even track progress, deliver feedback, and see their employees strengths and blindspots in real-time.


How to Create Powerful eLearning with an Impact

3. eLearning offers additional accessibility

While instructor-led training can be great for encouraging social learning and creating connections on teams, sometimes taking a large chunk of time to conduct ILT for every training need is neither practical nor effective. eLearning, in contrast, can be broken into smaller parts known as microlearning, offering employees small, impactful lessons to build skills, address blind spots, and improve everyday job functions.

Another way that eLearning improves accessibility is the format. Most modern eLearning platforms are mobile-compatible, and many courses can be crafted to include content forms that are easy for employees to consume on the go, like audio and video lessons.

4. eLearning provides consistency

The more instructors and facilitators you have, the more difficult it becomes to train to a consistent standard. Some instructors may be exceptional, others less so, and even an excellent instructor can have a bad day from time to time. The more distance and time your training encompasses, the more of an issue consistency can be.

On the other hand, eLearning allows companies to combine their most impactful and engaging instructor-led content, delivering it in a way that can be easily repeated with the same quality.

5. eLearning allows for affordable translation

Regardless of what your company’s official language is, you may have substantial numbers of employees who are non-native speakers. They will often learn more quickly and effectively if they are taught in their native language. That’s fine if your instructors are fluent in a second language, but adding multiple languages and factor reasons 1 through 4 above to the mix, and regular multilingual training can quickly become cost-prohibitive.

Even if you deliver your eLearning in English, for example, having eLearning available in multiple languages ensures that your employees have all they need to truly understand and apply what you’re trying to teach them.

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The right learning to fit your needs

So, are we implying that changing ILT to eLearning is always the right choice? Certainly not. In fact, to experience the full benefits of eLearning, companies should invest in the proper analysis to decide which solution is the best fit for them. There are no one-size-fits-all training solutions; however, there are some that fit better than others. Whatever your company chooses, make sure it is the best fit for your needs.

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