How to Use Guides to Create Layouts in Articulate Storyline 360

Hey there! This post is part of our Interactive Design series. Our talented and passionate design team has a ton of expertise and experience creating beautiful learning, and they want to share it with design teams everywhere.

In this series, you’ll find clear, jargon-free tutorials and tips for different aspects of learning design, from optimizing how you collaborate to fine-tuning course components.

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Most content creators are not designers by trade and often use templates or master pages to create their content. While that can work well in some instances, other times it can lead to the content being written to serve the design rather than the design serving the content. Content should always be the primary focus.

That said, the blank canvas can be an intimidating place to start when you’re not familiar with how to lay out a page. Luckily, it’s not as complicated as you think. In this video, I show how to create multiple column layouts using guides within Storyline. The end result is a clean and consistent design that has the flexibility to display your content as needed.

How to create column guides in Storyline

Watch the process of using guides to create layouts in Storyline, plus learn the purpose of guides, how the guides inform design choices, and examples of designs using this layout.

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Form follows function

We hope this video provides you with learning design inspiration! Keep in mind this is just one example of how to use guides to create layouts. Remember, they’re guides, not rules—use them as a starting point to experiment and find what best suits your learning content. Great design should serve the content you’re delivering and enhance the overall learning experience.

Stay tuned for more interactive design tutorials to create impactful learning, and check out the download below to try out this approach for yourself in Storyline 360.


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