What questions are you asking potential learning partners before doing business with them? There’s a lot at stake when starting any new vendor relationship, especially when you’re trusting them with your learners. In this guide, 16 Key Questions to Ask Potential Learning Partners, we’re sharing the most important areas to discuss with a potential partner to help you decide if they’re the right fit. We’re delving deeper than the typical checklist and sharing ideas and questions you likely haven’t considered before so you can find a partner that really gets it (and you).

Key Questions to Ask a Potential Learning Partner

Find your ideal strategic partner

This user-friendly guide offers a simple checklist of the key questions you should ask potential learning partners, plus tips for what to listen for to evaluate fit. These questions will guide you toward your ideal strategic partner and a lasting relationship. This guide is built around key traits such as strategic capability, innovation, operational excellence, and values alignment. 

 Here’s a preview of what’s inside this free guide: 

  • The four traits of an excellent strategic partner and why they’re important
  • 16 key questions for making a clear, informed vendor decision
  • Helpful tips on what to listen for throughout the vetting process