Learning teams everywhere have seen it time and again: learning that fails to impact business goals, doesn’t achieve sustained behavior change over time, or doesn’t deliver a meaningful experience for learners.

This customizable Learning Project Design Brief Template walks you through Maestro’s four learning principles: the strategic and practical guidance that serves as the foundation for every experience we create. These principles synthesize the complex and often overwhelming worlds of learning theory and methodology, combined with our own expertise and experience, to create actionable guidance and a clear lens for creating change through learning.

Through the sections and prompts in this project brief template, you’ll design a learning experience that meets learners where they’re at and truly inspires change.

The only project design brief you’ll ever need

As you begin planning a learning project, use this guide to think through the key elements of a learning experience that creates change. Consider the prompts on each slide as you fill in your responses. When you’re done, you’ll have a thorough and thoughtful brief to set your project up for success.