The brainstorming phase is pivotal to designing effective learning experiences. Are you using the right strategies to push the boundaries of what’s possible for your team and your learners? 

That’s why we created this Step-By-Step Guide to Better Brainstorming Sessions: because brainstorming is too important to be left to chance. Using the process and tools in this brainstorming guide, you’ll be able to prepare your team to think more deeply about problems and more collaboratively about solutions.

Design things right

This guide is a peek behind the curtain at how Maestro brainstorms and delivers solutions that challenge the status quo and meet learners where they are. 

Inside this guide, we’ll show how to ideate and brainstorm better learning solutions in creative and learner-centric ways.

What’s inside:

  • Philosophy: the Double Diamond framework
  • Recruiting and briefing in the brainstorming team
  • Setting the brainstorming rules
  • Preparing prompts and activities
  • Facilitating a brainstorming session