Before you start designing a learning solution, you first need to fully understand your learners and the world they live in. Too often, learning teams focus on creating more and more content instead of taking the time to diagnose the learner problem accurately.

That’s why we’ve made The Learning Environment Analysis Guide available for learning teams everywhere. A Learning Environment Analysis, or LEA for short, is a powerful framework for accurately diagnosing and defining learners’ problems, constraints, and needs to prescribe the right solution. 

This comprehensive guide introduces the LEA framework and shares the specific tools to use at each stage of the process, from learner discovery to analyzing findings. We’ve even included worksheets and templates for each stage, giving you everything you need to run an effective LEA at your organization.

How to conduct a Learning Environment Analysis

Ready to take your understanding of your learners to the next level and eliminate assumptions from your work? Here’s a look at what’s inside the LEA guide:

  • Philosophy overview: the Double Diamond framework
  • How to host a working session + sample agenda
  • Conducting field observations + checklist
  • Learner interview planner tool + sample questions 
  • Analysis of findings + sample findings report