Coronavirus has had an impact on all of us. As we return to “business as usual,” there are some aspects of life that have changed. For you and your team, this might include wearing face coverings and gloves to keep people safe in the workplace.

Download our free course, PPE Training to Protect Your Employees, whether you’re using it for coronavirus training or not, to make sure your team understands the CDC guidance for how to properly wear face coverings and gloves.

Check out the PPE training video from the course

Keeping people safe depends on wearing PPE properly

It’s not enough to require PPE — you need to make sure your employees know how to use it and are getting the right information. If you don’t wear face coverings and gloves correctly (and follow the correct handwashing procedures before and after), you could be compromising the health and safety of people around you.

What PPE training materials are included in this download?

  • Free, fully responsive course that’s up-to-date with CDC guidance
  • Clear and concise explanation of proper face covering and glove use through beautiful, approachable design
  • The friendly, straightforward PPE training video you watched above
  • Printable instructions for how to make three different types of face coverings
  • A printable resource for putting on and taking off face coverings and gloves
  • A short assessment to track your understanding of the content
  • Short completion time of about 5 minutes
  • Three ways to access the course including SCORM package options

How this course helps you stay safe from coronavirus in the workplace

The course introduces proper handwashing techniques. (You may feel like a handwashing expert by now, but it’s always a good idea to review.) It shows you the correct way to put on, wear, and take off a face covering, and includes information about who should wear face coverings, how to store face coverings between uses, and how to clean them. The course also teaches you the correct way to put on and take off gloves so that you avoid contamination.

The PPE training information you need from a source you trust

There’s a lot of information out there about how to use PPE to stay safe from coronavirus — and not all of it is relevant to everyone. This face covering and glove PPE training teaches you the CDC guidance you need to know in a way that’s easy to understand.