As a result of the massive shift to remote and hybrid work models, virtual instructor-led training (vILT) is more popular than ever. But effective vILT calls for a different mindset and strategies than ILT—are you making the most of your vILT experiences? Our free download, Quick Reference: A Checklist to Maximize vILT, can help you design experiential and interactive learning experiences.

Create better vILT with these key questions

The world of L&D is fast-paced, and to-do lists are long—why not take one item off of your list with this vILT cheat sheet? This handy guide will help ensure you’re delivering well-organized, thoughtful, and effective vILT experiences, every time. This simple checklist covers five key elements of effective vILT and ensures you’re making the most of the digital format.

In this download, you’ll get:

  • A quick exercise to ensure vILT is the right tool for the job
  • Five key questions for designing effective vILT
  • A checklist of vILT best practices, down to the detail