Neuroscience shows that storytelling is one of the best ways to deliver a message that influences behavior. If you’ve been searching for a tool for telling powerful stories in learning, we’re excited to share our Guide to Using Storyclock in Learning.

5 steps for telling better learning stories

Created by Seth Worley of Plot Devices, Storyclock is a simple method for visualizing your story on a clock to help organize your ideas and identify and fill any gaps using symmetry. Originally created for screenwriters, we created our own simple, five-step process for applying Storyclock to learning experiences, resulting in a cohesive story that keeps learners engaged and emotionally invested.

Download the guide for:

  • An introduction to the Storyclock method
  • How to use Storyclock in L&D
  • Five-step process for applying Storyclock in learning
  • Free Storyclock worksheet