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L&D is increasingly important to the future of work—is your team prepared to inspire change through learning?

Now’s the time to set a strong strategic foundation for your team’s learning efforts. Learning is one of the most powerful tools to inspire and enable change, yet far too often, learning experiences fall short in a few key ways. You’ve seen it time and again: learning that fails to impact business goals, doesn’t achieve sustained behavior change over time, or doesn’t deliver a meaningful experience for learners.

This practical and actionable on-demand webinar will introduce you to Maestro’s four Learning Principles and walk through how to apply them to deliver learning that creates change. Our Learning Principles synthesize the brightest ideas in learning theory and design, combined with our experience and expertise, to form a clear lens for creating effective learning. In this video, we’ll explore how anyone can use these principles to guide their approach and create successful learning experiences that truly impact their organizations.

What you’ll learn

  • Maestro’s four Learning Principles and the why behind each of them
  • How to apply each principle to learning problems and the specific steps to take
  • How the principles apply to real-life learning problems and how they shape the final solution