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Learning teams everywhere are ramping up their use of media in learning experiences. In the age of remote and hybrid work, video-based learning is a go-to solution for engaging with a distributed workforce. But not all video is created equal, and especially in learning, not all video is equally effective. Is your strategy for video-based learning clear and effective? 

This webinar offers a strategic framework for video in learning and shares four effective touch-points for using it throughout the learning process. The framework pushes the boundaries of how you think about video-based learning and introduces you to nontraditional uses that go beyond the typical how-to video often deployed in learning experiences. 

Tap into a practical discussion that will demystify video learning and help bring clarity to your media strategy. This framework will get your team members and stakeholders speaking the same language about what video-based learning really means, plus expand the tools in your toolbox for delivering strong, media-driven learning experiences.

What you’ll learn

  • A clear, intentional framework for strategically using video in learning
  • Effective approaches for video-based learning, mapped onto Kolb’s Model of the learning cycle
  • Innovative ideas for video-based learning and real-life work examples to show it in action