Do you want to push your course design further? If you’re a learning designer, or a learning professional who wears many hats, including designing eLearning for your organization, this on-demand workshop is for you.

Watch as two of Maestro’s interactive designers, Amy and Kendra, bring an eLearning course to life in real-time, transforming canned, cookie-cutter design elements into an elevated, on-brand, visually beautiful learning experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • The principles of strategic design and how good design is about much more than a pleasing aesthetic
  • Five key aspects of design that will elevate your Rise courses: brand direction, information hierarchy, bite-sized content, seamless transitions, and striking visuals
  • Practical tips and examples for improving these five areas in your own Rise courses

If your courses have been feeling stale and uninspired, we’ve got you. Using a faux brand that we created for this workshop, we’ll show two different approaches to course design, side-by-side. You’ll see the clear before and after results of how strategic creativity in key design areas can lead to beautiful, learner-centric courses in Rise.

No matter how limited your brand is, or how busy you are in your role, there’s always an opportunity to execute thoughtful, engaging, and visually interesting courses that will wow your learners (and stakeholders). We’re here to help you find it. Come learn with us—bonus points if you fire up your Rise account and try these tips as we go!

And while you’re here …

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