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What does it take to create a learning experience that inspires and engages your learners? In this webinar, learn about a little-known psychological phenomenon that can have a big impact on your learning efforts.

The illusion of explanatory depth occurs when people feel that they understand a complex topic or concept better than they actually do—it’s only when we’re tasked with having to explain a concept that we realize we know less than we thought we did. Left unchecked, the illusion of explanatory depth can result in overconfidence and low receptivity in your learners, both of which can derail your learning efforts.

Experience an encore presentation of this popular talk from ATD ICE 2021 and learn how to help your learners correctly get their confidence in check and build their ability, not just their knowledge. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How the illusion of explanatory depth works, through a hands-on activity that gets you to experience it firsthand 
  • How peer-reviewed studies support the existence of the illusion of explanatory depth, how to spot it, and what it means for your learners
  • Which learning tools to leverage in order to better understand your learners, build greater learner buy-in, and boost overall performance