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Before you start designing a learning solution, you first need to fully understand your learners and the world they live in. Too often, learning teams focus on creating content instead of taking the time to diagnose the learner problem accurately. 

What’s a learning challenge you’re facing right now? Bring it with you for this webinar where you’ll be introduced to a learning environment analysis (LEA). An LEA is a powerful framework for accurately diagnosing and defining learners’ problems, constraints, and needs to prescribe the right solution.

This session will show how to use learner research tools to eliminate assumptions from your work. We’ll cover the tools and processes needed to gain a robust understanding of your learners, including how to host a working session, conduct field observations, and facilitate learner interviews. Plus, we’ll share guidelines for synthesizing and analyzing your findings to create intentionally designed, effective learning experiences.

What you’ll learn

  • The tools to conduct a learning environment analysis, plus how to sequence them
  • Guidelines on synthesizing, analyzing, and sharing your findings 
  • The templates we use to guide the entire process (all registrants will receive our full guide after the webinar!)