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Compliance training transformed

We worked alongside our partner Celgene to revamp their approach to compliance training. Celgene is a growing global biopharmaceutical company, recently acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), that researches, develops, and creates a variety of products that combat serious diseases, from pancreatic cancer to acute myeloid leukemia. Celgene wanted to bring the same mission of improving patients’ lives worldwide to their employees. Instead of organizing their compliance material in dense PDFs scattered across multiple platforms, we developed a Digital Compliance Policy Handbook to ensure that Celgene’s employees could quickly access the information they needed to answer all their compliance questions.

Doubles as a risk-management tool

When learners are in search of an answer to a compliance question, the harder it is to find, the more likely they are to give up looking and take their best guess; however, if employees are unable to follow regulations because they can’t navigate Celgene’s compliance material, Celgene could face serious legal consequences. That’s why we built the Digital Compliance Policy Handbook, to make finding answers to compliance questions as easy as using a search bar. The Handbook’s intentionally designed UX and UI reduce the time it takes employees to locate compliance information to just seconds. This efficiency increases the likelihood that Celgene’s employees are informed about compliance policies, allowing the Handbook to double as a risk-management tool.

Making compliance training engaging for real learners

Compliance training is packed with dense information and can easily become boring for learners. But without learner engagement, little retention can occur. That’s why the Handbook uses the power of video to catch the attention of Celgene’s learners. Introductory and onboarding videos use custom animated characters to help guide learners through the Handbook’s content, making the learning experience more intuitive and entertaining.

Course intro video

Training built for a global audience

Because Celgene operates around the world, it’s important that their training be tailored to a global environment. To achieve this, the Handbook is embedded with a geographic locator, which senses the country its user is operating in and adapts the language and content of the platform to the user’s location. There’s no change of pace for a learner in New Jersey or Norway.

An answer in your back pocket

We needed to make sure that the Handbook would enable its learners to access Celgene’s compliance policies even in the field. With the power of responsive technology, the Handbook is compatible with any device. This means that when compliance questions arise on-the-job, employees can access the Handbook from their phones to quickly find the information they need.

Compliance training so clever it won an award

Our Digital Compliance Policy Handbook won a Gold Award from the Brandon Hall Group, recognizing it for being the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training in 2019. We are proud of our collaboration with Celgene to rethink their approach to compliance training. We believe the innovative solution we created shows what’s possible when partners set goals and push boundaries together.

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