Have you ever seen a Rise course and thought, “How did they do that?” These free Templates for Building Rise Courses That Stand Out are straight from our Design team’s toolkit and will make it easy for you to create courses that look great and perform beautifully for your learners.

Take your Rise courses to the next level

While it’s true that anyone can develop their own Rise courses, there are ways to push the limits of the platform to up the impact of your visual design. These three templates—built in FigJam, Illustrator, and Photoshop—will give you the framework to elevate your Rise courses from start to finish. These templates are practical, easy to use, and fully customizable.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A moodboarding template in FigJam that helps you work collaboratively to establish a visual guide
  • An Adobe Illustrator template for creating better transitions in Rise
  • An Adobe Photoshop template for enhancing photos and adjusting images