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The brainstorming and piloting phases are pivotal to designing effective learning experiences. Are you using the right tools to push the boundaries of what’s possible for your team and your learners?

This webinar is part two of our learning environment analysis (LEA) series: we’ll show how to activate the LEA by ideating, brainstorming, and piloting better learning solutions in cost-effective and learner-centric ways.

We’ll take the problem statement and clearly defined program constraints from the LEA and turn them into an effective, strategic brainstorming session that generates the optimal solution for your learners. Building on the idea of designing the right thing, we’ll share the steps it takes to develop and deliver effective learning.

What you’ll learn

  • How separating divergent thinking from convergent thinking drives creativity within teams and better brainstorming sessions
  • The specific tools for running effective learning brainstorming sessions that generate unique ideas
  • How to rapidly test ideas to validate and pilot learning solutions
  • How to mitigate intuition and opinion and focus on merits instead