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Incorporating real-life scenarios for a better learning solution

Realistic scenarios to help Netflix learners handle customer-service calls with confidence


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Simulations—they’re the real deal

Netflix wanted customers to know that it was okay to call and cancel their subscriptions—no questions asked. They were certain that if it were easy to sign up and easy to cancel, customers would come back when they were ready, and Netflix’s data supported this. But what they weren’t certain of was how to ensure that their call-center representatives would understand and embody this policy. That’s where we came in. Taking real, recorded phone calls between reps and customers, we created a learning solution that simulated the actual scenarios and issues reps encountered on the job. Learners could listen to real calls, check their knowledge by answering questions, and rate the quality of the customer service given. The course provided answer feedback and allowed learners to listen to calls again so they could learn from any mistakes.

But that’s not all. Learners could also compare their own ratings to the actual customer ratings for each call to gain insight into customers’ perspectives of what did (and didn’t) represent quality customer service. This allowed learners to think critically about their current behaviors and assess how they can best meet customer needs in the future. After completing the course, learners could feel confident in their ability to handle cancellations and other customer concerns, and Netflix could rest easy knowing that their customers were being taken care of just as they intended.

Photos courtesy of Netflix
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